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Date Night

Tonight is date night.

In fact, it’s second date-date night, which is kind of a deal breaker, no?

As I’ve been dating on and off since I was a teenager and kinda turned pro in the last 9 months, there’s not a lot that fazes me now. Nerves are a thing of the past and I’m far more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve had the bad (he threw up), the good (he wanted to be an explorer), and the seriously questionable, which are best left well alone for all our sakes.

Forget towering heels and revealing tops, for a post-work cinema trip there’s no better combo that sheeny shiny leggings and an oversized shirt.

Shirt, H&M // Necklace, Primark // Leggings, Miss Selfridge // Boots, New Look

Dating outfit choices are tricky things which normally have me running around in my undies 10 minutes before I’m due to leave, but I’ve recently learnt the golden rule to nailing the perfect look…

Wear what you’d normally wear to see your friends.

Yep, that simple. Be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and have swooshy hair. I know, revolutionary stuff.

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Pink to make the boys wink

Forgive me, it’s been a while.

What with the terrible weather (I almost got blown away, no word of a lie) and a jam-packed work schedule, it’s been a little tricky to steal the time to photograph my outfits whilst youths shout profanities at me.

But here I am! My tired little face and wind swept hair are back for your enjoyment. You. Are. Welcome.

Coat, H&M // Cardigan, Primark // Top, Asos // Jeans, H&M // Boots, New Look

With the rain pouring down and the cold snap staying put, I feel like I’ve spent an eternity wrapping myself in multiple layers and encasing my legs in varying shades of denim. In a bid to raise my spirits, I stepped away from my go-to comfort zone of black and popped on a little pink to make the boys wink. No winks as yet but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…

Alongside losing hours of my life to Gossip Girl, finding out it is indeed possible to eat a full tub of Ben & Jerry’s in one hour and spending far too much time in my pyjamas this month, I found the time to finally release my dating articles into the slightly scary realm of the Internet. The first two are ready to read here and here, and more are set to follow. I thought being single would only prove fruitful in the wine sense but it’s apparently also sparked my creativity. Who knew?!

What have you been up to in my absence?


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Dressing in the dark…

I’ve taken a recent penchant for dressing all in black.

I’m not in mourning and am definitely not a closet goth (although it would cause much amusement to my friends if I was) – I just seem to naturally grab for dark clothing with groggy eyes in the morning and appear to be making it a habit.

With a fairly strict ‘no shopping in my lunch break’ regime in place, I rewarded my excellent will power with a little online shopping (it’s not the same thing).

I picked up this ribbed roll neck dress in the Zara sale and threw on this rather subtle cocoon coat to add to my new miserable, I mean dark and mysterious, vibe.

Coat, c/o F&F // Dress, Zara // Boots, Topshop (old) // Bag, Zara

The general consensus when I tell people this zig zag number is by F&F, is that they think I’m lying. I know, it’s pretty swish for a supermarket’s range, but as a Limited Edition piece it’s extra special!

Paired with grey accessories and minimal jewellery, it’s a brilliant ‘throw on and go’ coat (as opposed to those pesky ‘put on carefully and dither a bit’ ones) and is fast becoming my favourite thing to wear.

Are you a monochrome fan or do you prefer a burst of colour?

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Facing the Chop

Those who know me well, know that I’m precious about my hair.

My staple style of long and wavy is how I roll, and I’m constantly twizzling strands around my fingers or flicking it about. This obsession has caused the hairdresser’s scissors to bring me out in a cold sweat and the thought of chopping it all off makes me shudder.

I know, it’s ridiculous but I just can’t help it. I’m like Samson – all my power is in my hair.

But recently, due to over-styling and being too lazy to spritz on heat protection products, it’s become lack lustre and in need of a fix. When I (reluctantly) dragged my ass down to Russell Eaton this week, I gave my terrified hairdresser full permission to lop off everything that needed to go without the fear of being lynched.

4 inches later (and after finally opening my eyes to see the results), I’m back to healthy bouncy hair! Here’s a look at my new ‘do in true selfie style…

Layered, shorter and full of life, it’s so much easier to style and looks a million times better. Fellow long-haired folks will understand how attached you become to your locks – growing it becomes addictive and you end up forgetting to have a hairstyle which looks healthy. But what’s the point in having luscious long waves if they’re not so luscious anymore?

So I may not be able to swoosh it around as much or take the crown of ‘Longest Hair in the Office’ (this accolade apparently doesn’t actually exist anyway – bastards), but I’m now split-end free and feeling refreshed.

Are you afraid to face the scissors too?

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A new year…

If I learnt anything last year, it’s that a lot changes in 12 months.

2013 was the year of discovery for me – learning how to live alone (and actually survive), taking on new and exciting clients and also finding out that I like prawns. I know, ground breaking stuff.

With a big move back up north, a hectic work/play schedule and being minus a blog photographer and a decent tripod, my guaranteed 5 outfit posts a week became a little tricky to fulfil. But now I’m back with a vengeance!

Here’s a little look at my favourite outfits from last year…

Alongside purchasing more clothes than one human could possibly need (whoever invented online shopping has a lot to answer for), last year was dominated by an ongoing stream of social events – from glamping in wooden pods, hen dos in Edinburgh and Alton Towers, a trip to a spooky cottage in North Yorkshire, and more nights out than I care to remember, there wasn’t a dull weekend in sight.

With big plans in the pipeline for 2014, it’s looks like this year is going to be even better…

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